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By Tennessee Farms, LLC
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November 24, 2019

Stewart County and the Town of Dover in Tennessee are special. With low population, there is ample room for more families that will add to the quality of life, jobs and wages. The Preserve at Keel Spring will be an equestrian subdivision on the Wynns Ferry Tract, a 3,200 acre tract that has been managed for the last several decades as a timber tract. A complete description of the project along with frequently asked questions can be found at the website .

The Preserve at Keel Spring will be planned to serve the primary and secondary home markets of Clarksville, Fort Campbell and Nashville. Clarksville is an easy commute to work. Military personnel and their families from Fort Campbell are just as close. Nashville is exploding with development and almost all of the equine subdivisions are pricing the middle class community out of the market. Equestrian subdivisions appeal to a broad section of those wanting homes in a wooded spacious development close to trail amenities and other local features. Retirees and their families will find the location desirable with the proximity of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, The Land Between the Lakes, and the charm of Dover. The larger 5 acre tracts will appeal to the equestrian family wanting pasture and a barn. Others will see appeal in a smaller lot using the horse boarding locally. All will appreciate the Town Center in close proximity.

Briefly, the project will consist of:
1. 530 residential lots and 20 commercial lots.
    a. Approximately 119 lots varying in size from ½ acre to 3 acres.
    b. Approximately 411 lots from 4 to 5 acres with the large majority of those over 5 acres in size
2. A Town Center with a town square of green space surrounded by light retail, restaurant, pool and clubhouse, general store, and a chapel.
3. Asphalt roads, underground electric, 8 inch diameter water lines, elevated storage tank, wastewater collection and treatment system, and fiber for Internet, telephone and video streaming services.
4. Stable with pastures, paddocks and a professional competition outdoor arena.
5. Extensive trail system over 50 miles in length, an 80 acre jumping course, and other equestrian amenities.
6. Future Fire station on Upper Standing Rock Road, west of Leatherwood Road, will be dedicated to the County.
7. Preservation of the Keel Spring Park will be accomplished with a 41 acre dedication to the County.
8. Future multi-purpose community center and rodeo facility – covered – just west of the Owen Milton Lumber Co. saw mill on 31 acres on Leatherwood Road will be dedicated to the County.

Wilfred Barry
The Preserve at Keel Spring
(225) 278-8934